Monday, June 25, 2007

Still 175

After a weekend that included mexican food and a trip to Sonic, I'm still at 175. I really need to lose at least another 3 pounds and then firm up my muscle tone to reach the "ideal me" -- and even then, it may not be enough.

Basically, after an indulgent Friday and Saturday, I had a cup of coffee with milk and caramel on Sunday, followed by a lunch of a protein bar, soy nuts, and apples and an RC and a dinner of salmon and coleslaw. I mowed the lawn for some intense physical activity and then had a "Blue Bunny Champ" ice cream cone.

and this morning, i weighed 175. same as i did Friday morning.

the bottom line: behavior modification and discipline have been the keys to my weight loss. If i can make myself kick up the weight training, I'll likely see the tone I want - -and that will take even more discipline -- but will also result in even more weight loss. Continuing to exercise should help me maintain once I hit a weight I consider "healthy and ideal"

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