Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chocolate Cake

Well, I didn't find any chocolate cake yesterday. I found chocolate cake donut holes (glazed) by Krispy Kreme at the gas station and had them with a 32 oz. Pepsi.

well, i had about 4 of them -- which is 210 calories. plus the pepsi. and i was up 1/2 pound this morning. 176. haven't seen that number in a while.

i gave in.

and now, the donuts are in my desk, likely to be eaten at some point today.

i did do a bit of a workout last night. i'll have to work it even harder tonight.

and avoid dessert after dinner.

175, i'm comin' back.


Jen said...

So I have been reading your blog and it is quite interesting. I was overweight myself. And I totally agree with you when it comes to chocolate. If I can just say something, I think you totally need to change your diet. I love food but you have to make a choice, food or being healthier! Having Mc Donalds, is really not healthy no matter if it gives you dairy and all that. Plus it is not only about calories, but FAT. Starbucks, I used to live of starbucks, I would always have it for lunch. But it does have a lot of calories. It is very important to cut sugars and fat. For example you could have egg whites, oatmeal with fruits, or a low calorie cereal for brakfast. Lunch salad, steamed veggies chicken, subway. Dinner fish, salmon is really good when you diet steak. SInce you love chokolate have chocolate covered rice crackers, or maybe the 100 calorie oreo cookies. Sonic and mexican food doesn't really sound good if your on a diet. Unless you have frozen yoghurt or surbert.
Good luck with that!

Weight Loser said...


thanks for stopping by

and I appreciate your suggestions

I'll see what more I can tolerably change and keep you posted

thanks -- the support is really encouraging