Tuesday, June 26, 2007


today, i'm hungry

i want chocolate cake

i want a lot of it

i'm trying to be disciplined.

instead of cake, i had a cup of black coffee

it held me over for a while

but i really, really want to eat ... a lot ... of chocolate cake

giving in to these urges is what starts to get a good diet off track.

so, i'm trying to resist.

trying to focus on the 175 staring back at me from the scales this morning.

and trying to think that i'll never lose the next 3 pounds if i have cake today which will lead to 176 tomorrow and then maybe cake again and 177 and so on ... which is how i got to be overweight enough to realized i needed to do something

so, i'm blogging instead of eating and then it's off to a protein bar and apples and water

and a glass of chocolate milk after a workout

unless i walk by some cake right now that's chocolate and then it will be gone

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